Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hechinger 1986

Who remembers this chain?


  1. I do! They were a lot like Lowe's. At first, they had bigger stores than Lowe's, but Lowe's caught up quick and surpassed them,. Most of their stores in the Carolinas became HQ, then closed down.

  2. I worked there in college in 1986! Fond memories but hard work!

  3. I worked for the Hechinger Headquarters in Landover, MD from 1985 – 1993. We had great stores and were considered the "Bloomingdales" of the Home Improvement Business. Everyone tried to copy the store look and feel, Depot, Lowe’s and many other Regional Home Centers. Management concerns about Home Depot changed managements operating philosophies and the products the stores vs. keeping the Hechinger identity. The changes did not go over well with customers and crushed sales in the stores. The Hechinger Family sold their stake in the company in 1995. The new owners lasted 18 months, and the stores finally closed in 1996. Harry and Harriet Homeowner were the Hechinger mascots. Great memories…